As many of you may be able to tell, this blog has brought a new excitement to my already exciting life. But this morning I kind of hit a wall. I’ve had several ideas pop into my head lately, all of which I’ve placed on paper so the issue isn’t whether or not I have the material but more so “Where do I start?”

So this mourning, it kind of just fell into my lap. I knew I wanted to start with something Jordan related and here it was. I woke up today to find out big news about one of my favorite shoe releases last year: Space Jam XIs. Personally, the Space Jam colorway of the Jordan XI is my second favorite colorway of the shoe, coming a very close second to the Concords which are my favorite XI colorway. This is more so because of the rarity of Concords.

The news I read was that last year’s Space Jam XI was the most successful Nike release of all time. ALL TIME. Do you now how big of a deal that is? Through all the other hyped shoes and hyped brands, Nike still finds ways to dominate the competition.

Surpassing the 2015 release of the Air Jordan 11 “72-10” (which previously held said crown), Nike Brand president Trevor Edwards remarked that “The Space Jam 11 was the largest and most successful shoe launch in the history of Nike.”

Myself, I had this shoe pre-ordered back in September of last year through my guy Zadeh, who is usually who I get all of my Jordans from. You can check out his site at ZadehKicks. He always has the absolute best pre order prices and he still has some Space Jam 11s  available if your still searching for a pair.

Source : Nike News

6 Replies to “Space Jam 11s Make History

  1. That’s a crazy fact but I definitely believe it. At times I wish the shoe game was back to how it was a few years ago. It seperated the true sneakerhead from a hypebeast. Though I don’t mind being able to go to a store and grabbing a shoe in the middle of the week that I was on the fence about.

    1. Yeah I totally agree with you on that bro. Releases lately have definitely been alot more produced. I’m sure it was because of all the negative sides of limited releases like resellers and the violence that some releases came with, like the Concords a few years back. But you still have shoes like Fragment and Shattered Backboard 1s that I still can’t get my hands on haha *fingers crossed*

      Also, appreciate you for checking out my site.

      1. All day fam. You been 100 since the first time I met you. Always try and support anything positive. And you know I’m a sneakerhead myself. Yea I think its a big circle of events. They started of being massed produced. Then sales decreased. They made them limited and they had negative affects. Now its back to mass production, but there will always be violence with shoes weather you mass produce them or not. It just comes with the territory.

        1. A whole lot of truth in what you said. Well put. And yeah, violence will follow anything competitive and shoe releases are definitely that.

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