Still A Lil Salty From That L You Took With Air MAGs? Don’t Worry, Nike Got You Covered.


1989, the year after I was born, brought along alot of great things in the entertainment business such as the movies Harlem Nights and Do The Right Thing and television shows like Seinfeld and The Simpsons. To go along with the entertainment, there were also some great movies that came that year. One of which was Back To The Future II, a movie that may have made up for more in fashion than in actual excitement. I say this because my guy Marty McFly, played by Michael J. Fox, had too much sauce. haha.

Back To The Future II (1989)

The thing that stuck out mostly of course were the power laced Nike Air MAGs that he wore. These shoes were first releases to the public in 2011 in limited quantities but they didn’t have power lacing. However, they were again released to the public in 2016 in even more limited numbers because there was only 100 pairs total and the only way to get them was by entering The Draw, a raffle system where every ticket cost $10 with there being no limit to how may tickets you could buy. The 2016 model can be seen below.

2016 Nike Air MAG (Sneaker News)

But it seems that tomorrow, Nike is releasing something to kind of make up for all the losses taken on October 21st of last year by giving us the MAG colorway again, just not the shoe model. I say this because the LeBron 14 will be releasing in a very similar looking makeup, see below.

“MAG” LeBron 14s

In all honesty, even though I don’t see myself buying this shoe due to me not really wearing basketball shoes outside of Jordans, this is the nicest colorway I’ve seen on the LeBron 14 and that’s saying alot for this shoe. But if you do intend to add these to your rotation, be ready because they will be releasing tomorrow at select Nike retailers. Check out more photos below.

“MAG” LeBron 14s (SBD)

“MAG” LeBron 14s (SBD)

“MAG” LeBron 14
Colors: Matte Silver/White Glow
Release Date: April 6th
Cost: $175