For most people, Mother’s Day is a holiday where people celebrate their mom’s and all they’ve done for them. But for me, Mother’s Day has always meant a little extra for me. Not only because I was raised by a superhero of a mother in Pamey C, but also because I was raised around an All Star team of mother’s who made sure I never went lacking for anything.

Usually this time of the year would be the time where I dish out a sappy Facebook post and that would be it. But since I now have my own website, I decided to devote a post to all the mom’s who took a part in crafting the guy you know as J.

To begin a story, you have to start from the “beginning” right? For me, my beginning as far as mother’s go comes in the form of a short, smiley woman named Pamey C. From day one, she’s been my big sister instead of an authoritative mom. We call each other disrespectful names, antagonize each other and never say anything nice to each other. Yet & still, it always feels as if that’s exactly how God meant for us to be. I can’t remember us ever having an argument and that’s probably because we are one in the same. All in all, this lady is the reason for my drive, my determination, my strength, my patience, my positivity and most of all……ME. Luv ya mama. And yes, this is my mom haha.

Up next is the late great Earnestyne Collier, my grandma. The one who taught me organization and that as long as you put the man above first, you’ll be good in life. I do miss our nonsense conversations about nothing and our Pizza Hut dates but I know the reason why I’m able to be at peace with you not being here physically is because you’ll never leave me in spirit. I walk more positive steps now because my guardian angel makes sure they’re that way. Luv & miss ya Grandma.

Up next are my favorite aunts, Aunt Angie & Aunt Sandy. It’s been several times in my life where I’ve been thought to be there children because I was with them so often. As much as I love my first cousins who are their children, I hated when they were first born because my aunts now had their own. And though I hate that our relationships have faded physically, I know the same love will always remain from them to me and vice versa. Luv ya Aunt Angie & Aunt Sandy.

My biological family has and always will be there for me and that’s something I thank God for. But ever since moving to Wichita 4 years ago, I’ve had to find a new “physical mom” to fill in for what I miss with Pamey C. And I must say the newest addition to the Team of Moms in my life, Mama Crow, does an amazing job. I love the talks we have about life and I also love our Old Chicago dates. I’m very thankful to not only have a great relationship with the family I married into but to also see my whole family have that same relationship with them.

And last but for well away from least, I feel as if it wouldn’t be right if I didn’t include my wife, Kendra. No we don’t have kids and NO WE’RE NOT  EXPECTING ….. but she has done an amazing job of making sure the dogs in the house get fed and stuff so that counts right? She also does a pretty good job of keepin me straight and she will be definitely be the mom of our future kids, whenever that time does come. So, there haha.

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  1. Thank you for this post Jeryn. You are some kind of special you are! Love you!

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