To the sneaker world, John Geiger has been one of the most unique influencers of the past few years. Though his name has been tied to several groundbreaking projects from his own sneaker to shoe customs, the one design that has distinguished him the most are his “Misplaced Checks” Air Force One High that hit the scene in 2015, in collaboration with The Shoe Surgeon.

Recently, Geiger has taken to Instagram & Twitter to give us a preview of whats seems to be a new model thats in the works, as well as a low top version. 2 years ago when these released initially, they featured 16 uniquely different “checks” or Nike Swooshs and from looking at these photos, you can tell that will be the case once again. Another key feature returning are the interchangeable soles for the Air Force One High model.

According to the man himself, the same “Misplaced Checks” Air Force One High from 2015 will release again on October 21st along with a low top version. There was only 25 pair available for the first release but the upcoming release will offer 550 pairs of the highs and 500 pairs of the lows. So, most people can expect to catch a L on these and see them go for ridiculous prices on the resell market. No release info has been unveiled yet for the pairs with interchangable outsoles but be sure to stay tuned to Da Jay Way for future news on those and other Nike sneakers.

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