After pretty much being in the shadows of his father Lavar Ball’s verbal escapades, which I must admit are pretty entertaining, Lonzo Ball kind of broke out of his “social shell” this week.

Yesterday, ESPN reported that sources are saying he may be talking to other NBA teams with lottery picks in this year’s NBA draft. He also was featured in two pretty hilarious Father’s Day commercials that FootLocker released this week.

The first of the commercials debuted on Wednesday. It features several other draft prospects like De’Aaron Fox & Jason Tatum but Lavar Ball definitely brings the comedy when he pokes fun at some of his father’s off court antics.┬áThe second of these commercials came yesterday, where he writes a letter to his father. Both of these videos can be seen below.


In my opinion, I feel as if these videos show that even the Ball Boys understand that their dad is pretty extreme. With that being said, at least they know for a fact he’s in their corner support wise no matter what.

Sources : ESPN, FootLocker