This Flashback Friday post progresses ahead a few models to the Maroon Jordan 6s. Originally releasing 26 years ago in 1991, the Maroon 6 was never actually worn by Michael Jordan in game but he did wear them in a Nike Advertisement in 1991, seen below.

As before mentioned in my personal introduction post, I had several different sports and music influences as a kid, as well as television influences like Seinfeld. During my childhood, I never really understood the comedy that Seinfeld delivered but as an adult, thanks to Netlfix, I was able to give it another shot and finally saw what I was missing and it wasn’t just a great sitcom. It was also the impressive Jordan choices Jerry made through the years and the Maroon 6s were one of them. Even Seinfeld creator Larry David couldn’t resist having a pair of these.

After being re-released in 2015, celebrities definitely caught on to the Maroon wave because they were seen on the feet of several different NBA players and entertainers from Demarcus Cousins to Travis Scott. 

To be honest about it, even though the Maroon 6 was one of the original Air Jordan 6 colorways and the first Nike Air branded Jordan 6 in 15 years, I really wasn’t that hyped about them releasing when first hearing the news in 2015. But once the official photos came and I had a chance to see them in person, they became a mandatory buy for me. So, below, is a shot of the Maroon 6s that were my Jordan choice today.

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