For my Friday posts, I think I’m going to do Flashback Friday’s but the posts that I do will be a little bit different than the typical “Flashback Friday” stories.

I will be using these posts to actually talk abut a shoe that I own, the history that the shoe has in my life & why they mean so much. And I feel the absolute perfect shoe to start with is the “1” that started it all: The Bred Air Jordan 1.

1985 OG Bred 1s

The Air Jordan 1, created by Peter C. Moore, debuted in 1985. Though most people feel as if the initial Black/Red colorway of the Jordan 1 was banned by the NBA, it was actually a pair of Nike Air Ships that were banned by the NBA instead, pictured below.

Michael Jordan practicing in Nike Air Ships (1984)

 The only actual photos of Michael Jordan wearing the Bred 1s come from the 1985 Dunk Contest his rookie season against Dominique Wilkins. And though he would go on to lose this dunk contest, it made for one of the most iconic moments in sneaker history.

Photos from the 1985 Dunk Contest

Through the years since then, there has been several athletes and celebrities who have added to the hype of the Bred Jordan 1s, from Kanye West to LeBron James. And of course, with me having the love I have for shoes for as long as I’ve had it, the Bred 1s have a very special place in my sneaker heart.

As far as my own personal history with the Bred 1s, it’s a story of major failure before a major win. I say this because my very first pair of Bred 1s, which came from my very first eBay transaction, ended up being fake. It was 2002, I was 14 and clearly naive at the time because I allowed someone to trick me into purchasing a pair of shoes that had no actual pictures of the shoes I would receive, only stock photos from the 2001 version. But that experience definitely was a bad but good experience as far as “living and learning.”

2001 Bred 1s

My second pair of Bred 1s came a whole 9 year later when my then girlfriend, now wife Kendra ran across a pair of Black & Red Jordan 1s at Niketown just by random occurrence. They asked if she wanted a pair and she could only buy one pair. So she called me, send a picture and I went crazy. I had been seeing on the internet that Banned 1s were being distributed into outlets because Nike decided to scrap the release. But I never believed that my closest NikeTown, at Legends in Kansas City, Kansas, would receive these. And even though I was so excited to have them, a month later, we had to sell them because of some financial shortcomings. Even worse is the fact that we sold them at the time for $300 and they’re now worth around $1,750. Crazy, huh?

Banned 1s (2011)

My third experience with the Bred 1s came in the form of the Jordan 1s from 2001. I was surfing the internet and came across a pair of 2001 Bred 1s for a very reasonable price and after talking to the seller, she was selling all of her son’s collection because they needed the money for traveling purposes. So, I finally actually had a pair that I could wear as much as I wanted and I didn’t have to sale them. The only negative side of this whole situation is the fact that I never knew 2001 Bred 1s had a suede Nike on them, which I didn’t like as much as I would with leather. But I still wore them until I got the news last year that Jordan was re-releasing the Bred 1s and this time, they would have a leather Nike swoosh. So, long story short, I sold my 2001s to pre-order the 2016s from my boy, ZadehKicks.

Me in my 2001 Bred 1s (2014)

This all brings us to my current Bred 1s, the all leather 2016 Bred 1s. This pair is the pair I wish the 2001s would have been because even though the 2001s have a higher respect in the sneaker community, I don’t like them near as much as the 2016s. Once I received my 2016 pair from Zadeh, I felt as if I finally had/have the pair of Bred 1s I wanted. And now, since the Royal 1s come next weekend, I only need the Shattered Backboards and Chicago 1s from last year for my Jordan 1 collection to be complete haha.

My current pair of 2016 Bred 1s (2017)