The 2017 NCAA College Basketball Tournament ended last night and I must say, it was nice to see Ol’ Roy bring another championship to the Tarheels. And though the tournament had enough excitement in the games alone, if you’re like me, one of the other things that keeps you entertained are the shoes that the players wear in these games. For instance, just last night in the championship, I saw Theo Pinson in Cool Grey 11s and Kennedy Meeks in Jordan XXX1s for North Carolina, see below.

B/R Kicks
B/R Kicks

But one of the biggest questions I’ve always wondered while watching these games was whether or not the players were able to keep the shoes that they actually wore? I mean, I know it’s already amazing to be able to wear all of these shoes throughout the season but do they actually keep them? The simple answer to all of this: YES.

De’Aaron Fox in Elite Kobe 9s (B/R Kicks)
Chris Chiozza in Kyrie 2s (B/R Kicks)

That’s right. All of the rare and sometimes even college exclusive shoes that we see the players wear throughout the year, they get to keep. The only actual restriction that I read that these players have with the gear they receive is the fact that they can’t sell any of the items but they give them away to whomever they choose. So my goal of having and raising children just to have them be athletes and sign to a school like North Carolina or Michigan so I can get free Jordans may not be that far of a reach after all (just kidding haha).

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