As much of a Nike & Jordan fanatic as I am, it’s hard to resist the wave that adidas has created in recent years. From the hype that comes with every single Yeezy release to the comfort of their Boost technology, the brand with three stripes is definitely proving to be the more popular brand of this generation. This all can be seen in the stock market.

According to the NBD group, since May of 2016, adidas has nearly doubled its U.S. athletic footwear market share from 6.3% to 11.3%, while Nike has decreased slightly from 35.9% to 34.7%. Jordan Brand is definitely taking a harder hit in the market with their share going from 14.8% to 11.8%, which is just about the same as adidas now.

With all this being said, Nike is still king when it comes to being the top apparel brand in the but that doesn’t mean that adidas isn’t closing the gap. One of the reasons why we’re seeing this resurgence of adidas is the fact that sneaker heads these days are leaning more towards acquiring casual shoes rather than basketball shoes. You also can’t lose having Kanye on your team and whether you like him or not, you can’t deny his fashion influences.

Source : Yahoo!